Perfect the Parlay for Bigger Profits

betting calculationsIn the sports betting world, whether you’re punting on football, speculating on horse racing or wagering your cash at a casino game such as blackjack, there’s one sure-fire way to turn a little bit of money into a lot of cash. Although decried by some, the parlay system is a great way to take a small stake and turn it into a larger one.

What’s the parlay system, we hear you cry? Well, this betting strategy was originally utilised in the sports betting world but has since been adopted by casino punters. To give you an overview of how the system was originally used, let’s consider the following scenario:

Breaking down the Parlay System

In a nutshell, this system requires you to take your initial stake, bet on the favourite and then carry your winnings over into your next bet. For example, let’s assume you took your initial stake of £50 and successfully bet on an even money favourite (for the purposes of this article let’s say you bet on Arsenal to beat Manchester United).

This bet will give you a total return of £100, giving you an overall profit of £50. After you’ve taken this cash, you now take your £100 (stake and profit) and risk it on another favourite. Let’s assume this was a 3:1 shot.

If you win again, your £100 will become £400 (£300 profit and £100 stake) and you would then use this money to bet on another low odds proposition. This method is basically the way the parlay system works and you can decide to continue with it until you reach a financial goal.

Using the Parlay for Roulette

Essentially, the parlay system forces you to bet your stake and profit on the next bet until you either lose or decide to stop. With this in mind, let’s now consider how you could use this in the casino world and the game of roulette.

Firstly, let’s assume you have a starting bankroll of $300 and you place an opening bet of $10 on red or black. Of course, with a starting bankroll of $300 and bets of $10 each time you’ll only have 30 losing bets in your arsenal which basically means you need to manage your bets wisely. A great way to do this is set yourself a target, for example a $60 return per bet, and then use the parlay system.

By taking your $10 and successfully betting on red you’ll receive $20 back. If you then let this money ride on red and it wins again, you’ll have $40. At this point you can continue to bet on red (or switch to black if you wish) with your $40 and if you win you’ll have turned $10 into $80 which is a $70 profit. For some this method will seem risky, but it’s important to remember that you’ve only staked $10 of your $300 bankroll. As long as you set yourself a target and stick to it, this method can be extremely effective for small stakes players.


Instead of having to settle for small wins by betting on a favourite in isolation, you can use your winnings to enjoy the cumulative effect of betting on favourites without the risk. While accumulator bets force you to predict every result in order to win, the parlay method allows you to stop betting when you want. This control is fantastic and something that suits both seasoned and novice gamblers. Regardless of whether you’re looking to reach a large financial target or a small one, this method allows you to have complete control and still enjoy fantastic returns.

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