Guide to Bookies Odds

If you play a lot at the bookies, then you probably already know what actions you have to take in order for your bets to be successful. But newcomers have to pay attention to a few simple rules. One of the most influential factors on your wallet is regarded to be the choice of the right bookie.

Bookies differentiate themselves by the odds they offer. Finding the best odds on the market isn’t a difficult process; you just have to make an online comparison check.

First you should understand the types of odds offered.

There are three ways of quoting them:

Fractional odds:

These odds are widely spread in the United Kingdom and quote the total that will be added to the punters account should he wins, relative to his stake. For instance odds of 5 /1 mean that by betting one dollar you’ll win 5. If the odds are 1/5 , then you have to wager 5 bucks to win 1.

Decimal odds:

They are also called European odds and for many they represent the easiest way o f quotation.

To stick to the above mentioned example the equivalent of 5/1 are simply noted as odds of 5. While if you convert the fractional odds of 1/5 into decimal, you’ll get 1,20. So that means that if Manchester is quoted at odds of 1,20 you need to bet $100 to receive an additional $20 to your original stake.

American odds:

Also called moneyline odds they are used in the US.

There are two options of quoting a figure: positive or negative

Positive figures:

The odds are reflecting how much money you can win by wagering $100. For instance odds of 5/1 are noted as + 500.

Negative figures:

If you’ll come across a negative figure like -500, that means you have to wager $500 to win $100.

Reliable bookies will offer you all this kind of odds; you just have to select the desired display method from the options list.

Before starting gambling assures yourself that the bookie will not only offer you the best odds but he won’t limit your options while placing bets.

For instance avoid betting sites which won’t grant you the right to bet on singles. Furthermore the bookies should make it possible for the punter to combine more than one sport on his betting slip. Some of them don’t allow you to mix a tennis event with a football game.

Ultimately the best bookies should have a wide betting offer covering all events, including lower leagues, regional leagues, weaker championships, games from all over the world regardless of their level of quality.

If you find such booki stick with him and you’re just a step away from gaining your first win.

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