12 Important Football Betting Tips

Football betting, like all other games, is commonly played by a couple of types of people. There are the ones who want to win on one side. And then there are the ones who just want to have some fun on the other side. Whichever type the person is, the final goal is to win against the bookie. Football betting is usually very random. However, this makes it all the more interesting and adds to the excitement.

The most important thing to remember is to be really clear and certain on what to wager on and how to wager on it. Some points that can be considered are:

  1. Check how the team is performing. Take a look at the recent performances of the teams, reports on the teams and what the football greats have to say about the team.
  2. Records on matches played at Home and in opponent’s hometowns: A few teams are there which play superiorly at Home and not play well at all when they are playing in the opponent’s hometown. The statistics are sure to tell you about which team is what type and you can use this information to your knowledge.
  3. Gain access to the match statistics of the two teams when they played together in the recent past. It is not unusual to see history repeating itself every year.
  4. Know which players in the team are suspended, who are injured and who are missing. Assess the importance of these players and compare them with the value of the players that are acting as replacements for them.
  5. The next thing to look at is how determined are the team to play the game at their best and win the game. Check if they are in desperate need to win the match. This is a good indicator of how serious the team will play and whether there is any point in betting on them winning.
  6. Try to see if the team has been playing continuously for certain time. There is a prospect that the players are really exhausted from not getting enough time to recover after a game.
  7. Check if the last game they played had a negative effect on them. This usually tells how tensed they will be in the next game. Teams that are under huge amounts of tension tend to perform rather poorly.
  8. After all this is analyzed, identify a system through which you will consider which team to bet on and which team to not. Be committed to this plan. A frequently changing plan is as good as not planning at all.
  9. Football games are really unpredictable. Therefore do not be over confident and bet large amounts.
  10. Be cautious of being influenced by others. Try to make up your mind through your own analysis. Learn from your experience.
  11. Predict the maximum return on the bet by comparing with different bookmakers.
    These strategies are general in nature and can be used successfully in betting on any sport.

Good luck!

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  1. Khimmy

    Oops! sorry but I missed the 14/1 shot, I was working when I got home and seen what I missed I was rather miffed, good tipping and keep up the good work. Yours in sport. C.Cassidy


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